Anime Studio Debut 8.2

A simple and fun tool that allows users to create and animate their own images

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    Debut 8.2

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    5.8 (289)

Anime Studio Debut is a 2-D animation software application that simplifies complex studio-quality animation techniques. The intuitive and easily navigable graphical user interface (GUI) is an ideal entrée into the world of vector-drawing computer animation that does not require the complexity of drawing found in some other applications. It is a great application for the animation hobbyist who has the desire to work his or her skills into a legitimate profession, and it is offered at an affordable price. The Pro version makes quick work for the professional animator with greater tools for a higher price.

Anime Studio Debut Places the Focus on Animation

Anime Studio is a user-friendly program that speeds up the process of asset creation with a set of tools that are simple to use and easy to understand. It comes complete with a tutorial in the program or as a separate PDF teaching 2-D animation fundamentals in minutes. Whether you like to start by drawing from scratch or want to use the Character Wizard, you can set parameters and fine-tune them live including lip-synching and 2-D bone-rigging systems. Save work as presets for use as future characters. You can import and export media in a variety of standard and high-definition formats, including the ability to publish to YouTube.

Anime Studio Pro Speeds Up Production

For professionals looking to dispense with the tedium of frame-by-frame production, Anime Studio Pro offers some powerful features along with a visual content library. In addition to the 2-D bone system and integrated lip-synching, it has automatic image tracing, motion tracking and physics in addition to the Character Wizard. Save time by converting existing sketches or artwork into vector drawings that are fully editable. It supports layers, allows for universal changes with some simple settings applied with Global Rendering Styles and converts 2-D vector layers into 3-D Objects. Import scenes from other program applications to combine 2-D and 3-D animation.

Anime Studio Pro Provides Advanced Features

Creating 2-D cartoons and movies, anime or animation for full-length productions are all streamlined in Anime Studio Pro. There are advanced special effects, timeline control, auto shading and HD video support, just to mention a few. Create animations without any limitation of duration or file size. Switch layers, layer visibility, layer order, flip layers either vertically or horizontally, follow path, stroke exposure, shape effect and positioning are all features available under Smart Bones to more easily control parameters.


  • Perfect for professionals looking for greater efficiency.
  • Anime no longer offers a free version.


  • Fewer programming tools in the Debut version than other programs that are more widely used.
  • Good enough to be competitive in the teaching environment, but it is not in as many hands yet.
  • Import and export capabilities could be expanded to save time.
  • There are other free options out there offering smoother and faster operations.

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